Anke Jabroer "Mooiste Benen van Nederland" - Most Beautiful Legs in The Netherlands

Anke Jabroer "Mooiste Benen van Nederland" - Most Beautiful Legs in The Netherlands van MissIcons

Door: MissIcons  19-05-2011
Trefwoorden: Beauty, Dames, Modellen

Sugar Factory Amsterdam, Thursday 19th May - Misses Anke Jabroer won the first prize: "the most beautiful legs in the Netherlands 2011". 

This pageant is held yearly by Cosmopoiltan and Gilette Venus Embrace.
The Grand finale was held in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. Queen of the Netherlands 2010 Anke Jabroer is well known to the Miss Icons crew.

From all over The Netherlands women could sent their beautiful legs on a photo to Cosmopolitan. During the pre-selection 25 women were elected. These 25 women had to present their most beautiful legs on the Runway for a professional specialty jury.

The jury consisted of Claudia Straatmans Chief Editorial at Cosmopolitan, Jort Kelder journalist and TV Host, Renate Peters-Huisman for the House of Orange Models, Anna Rodriguez representing Gillete Venus Embrace and the winner "most beautiful legs in the Netherlands 2010 miss Douce Endlich.

Anke Jabroer received a 1.000 euro shopping spree and a year of free Gilette Venus Embrace products and a vife star wellness treatment.

We at Miss Icons are very proud with the achievement by Anke Jabroer.
Anke Jabroer is part of the Miss Icons concept she had her clinics by Greg and Catwalk master Reggie and again it is proven to be successful.

Interview by phone with Anke:
May 19th 2011 - 21:30 hours.
Anke and her family are subscribers of the Cosmopolitan. Some months ago Anke was reading the Cosmopolitan when she saw the announcement " Mooiste Benen van Nederland ". Anke tear the announcement from the Cosmopolitan and put it away.

Two weeks ago her Mother Marjolein remembered the announcement for " the most beautiful legs in The Netherlands 2011 ". It was a nice and sunny day and Anke and Marjolein took their photo camera and Anke posed sitting on her Scooter and the picture was taken of her Beautiful legs. Anke sent the filled subscription with her picture attached. The same day Anke received a message that she was part of the last 25 participants for this National Pageant.

Anke took her good rest during the last week as coached by Miss icons and today she awake early to start her day relaxed. At 09:00 o' clock Anke arrived at the Sugar Factory to meet the Make up Artists and Stylist.
Anke was confident during the rehearsals on the Runway because of the extensive training by Miss icons.

Doors open at 14:00 hours for the media and celebrities that attended this event in great numbers.

The show started and Anke felt familiar with the press and the spectators this due to her Quick Guide how to perform during a casting or presentation.

After the presentation the final decision was taken by the specialty jury and they anonymous elected Anke Jabroer with "The Most Beautiful Legs in The Netherlands 2011"

Anke when asked for her experience of the day: " I saw so many beautiful legs today that i did not expect to win this beautiful title"

Anke Jabroer we are very proud about your achievements and we admire your personality and beauty.

Miss Icons Crew
written by: C&G

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