Casting Preparation, Tips voor een goede casting! (QUICK GUIDE)

Casting Preparation, Tips voor een goede casting! (QUICK GUIDE) van MissIcons

Door: MissIcons  12-05-2011
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Greg Robles de Medina

This 4 step quick guide will help you get successful at your presentations and castings.


Before you start get to know the casting and the people behind the organization.
Know who you are dealing with and make a list of the important members, jury members, sponsors or former Misses, make notes about their work, achievements, position or tasks. This will make you feel like you know the organization and its members this advantage will make you feel more comfortable.
It is useful to research the following: press releases,  the website, blogger, and the faces of the crew. 
With this information you will have broad topics and subjects to lead your conversation with the members of the jury and you will feel pretty familiar with unknown people going to judge you.

Get organised...

Firstly, get a complete brief of the type or Miss or person the casting is meant for.
Dressing like prescribed increases your chances of being selected. If you do not have the dress code inform the agent or organization about it.

Prepare your conversation with actual topics from the pageant industry (miss Icons website), and why you want to be selected and what will make you stand out from the rest, this will make it easier for you. This may not get used but it’s always impressive that you’ve made the effort to get well informed and this will convince the jury about your great effort.


Stand in front of a mirror or friends and rehearse your presentation, obviously make sure you know the lines well.
Practice your pose and posture in combination with the movement of your hands hold an object like a microphone. Your face expression is the most important part of you story or presentation count on your smile to impress your audience. Make contact with your eyes open them wide if you want emphasize part of you presentation and look at your audience at all times.

Inform what will be expected from your presentation make it brief and powerful make the audience curious for more of what you have to say.

Try not to be in a rush, give yourself plenty of time when your arrive for your audition so you are calm and relaxed.

At the casting...

Speak positively about yourself when asked for and be happy with a big and healthy smile. 
Do not annoy or try to stand out by negative attention or acting sick or miserable.

A casting director usually gives you plenty of directions – listen carefully and give it your best shot!

A short audition can often mean that it went positively well!!

4 step Quick Guide for your Casting Preparation by:
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