Dian Biemans Diary - Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 World

Dian Biemans Diary - Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 World van MissIcons

Door: MissIcons  09-05-2011
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South Korea - Amsterdam:
We at the Miss Icons Headquarters will follow Dian Biemans during her journey and stay in South Korea. We are proud that Dian choose our partner Laurisa inspired to dress her for the pageant Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011. Keep visiting our website and get informed...

06 May 2011
In the morning we had to check out again. We went to another hotel, in Seoul. It was three hours driving by bus. On our way to Seoul we had a Lunch in the Moonmak Rest Area. After we checked in our new hotel, it was time for rehearsals again.
In the afternoon it was time for Prejudging!! We had to do a show in evening dress with a little interview and in bikini as well. I think it went pretty well, so fingers crossed ;)!
In the evening we had a fitting for the Korean Traditional Dress, which we are also going to wear on the finals at the 10th of May. They looked so cute! And after that.. it was off course time for rehearsals again until one o'clock in the night :P..

05 May 2011
This morning we had a breakfast at the Salt River Restaurant. It was really nice. After we went to do a Green Campaign at the Salt River. We had to pick up trash that other people trowed away in the nature. And we also did plant a tree. 
Following we had lunch in the Gangneung Taeback Garden. It was a typical Korean lunch. We were sitting on the floor with very low tables and eat real Korean food. 

Then we went to the beach and to the Jung Dong Jin Cruise to do a photo shooting. It was so beautiful. We also had a dinner there. 

It was a great buffet! And in the evening we had a Wine Party at the VIP of our hotel. Now it's already time to sleep again.. Tomorrow will be a very exciting day, in the evening we have got the prejudging!!

04 May 2011
5 am: Time to wake up and have breakfast. With following a Tea Ceremony at the Temple. 

After that we left the temple and went with a bus to a resort. Our next stay for two days.. It's a really nice resort! Miss Latvia is my roommate and we are staying in a little .. We had lunch and then some rehearsals. In the afternoon we did the Traditional Costume Show. We had to do it on a street with old big stones en big holes. I was wearing 13 cm high heels and my Laurisa national costume dress with the 4 kilo backpiece ;). 

It was a real challenge, but I made it hihi and everybody loved my dress.. A few girls fell on the ground, but I just kept on going en kept on smiling :D! In the evening we went on a cruise. We had a great dinner in there and also a little party :) with some dancing and fireworks! The days are going so fast here, it's already 12 o'clock, so bedtime! Tomorrow will be al long day..

03 May 2011
I wanted to catch some sleep yesterday, because I was so tired. But it wasn't my lucky day hihi.. We had meetings and rehearsals all day until 3 o'clock in the night. And we had to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning. So again only 3 hours for sleeping :P.
This morning we had to pack our bags and suitcases again to leave the hotel for a stay in the Ryun Temple were we will stay for two days. First we had a lunch in the Temple. Following that we watched Admission Ceremony and we did get a orientation. After that it's was our turn.. We were having a meditation! It was a great experience and this give us a opportunity to relax for a few minutes ;). We also made a lotus lamp. And then we had a great dinner! Then it was time for the Bell-tolling. It was a really big one, which you probably would hear on the other side of the town. The next thing we did was having a Buddhist Service.. I really enjoyed it, it's such a different culture as we have in the Netherlands and I want to know everything about it! After that we made Buddhist Rosary's. Now it is already 11 o'clock again and we are going to sleep at the temple, all together with 50 girls on the floor :P! I hope I will get some sleep and will look fresh tomorrow..

02 May 2011
The traveling went well :), but now I have to start with today's program without any sleep. This because I skipped a night's sleep because of the 8-hours time difference of South Korea and the Netherlands. So I left the Netherlands in the morning and I arrived at South-Korea in the morning as well ;). But I will just keep on going and I will try to catch up some sleep tonight if possible.. I will keep you updated!

01 May 2011
Today is the day! I will be flying to Seoul - South Korea to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 World Finals!!
Dian is representing the Miss Tourism organization Netherlands on behalf of Katia Maes.
I'm so excited to visit Seoul and to meet all the other girls!!
This morning I woke up very early to drive to Schiphol Airport and take my flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki. After a few hours of waiting in Helsinki I could take my next flight to Seoul.

I carried two big suitcases to the airport, within all my clothes, other stuff and a few gorgeous evening gowns of Laurisa. I also carried a big piece of handbagage, within my national costume. Greg and Cora (Laurisa) also designed a national costume for me with a great stage effect.

But it was to big to fit into a suitcase, so I had to carry it in a big bag. It looked like a was carrying a dead body with me, and I saw everybody on the airport wondering 'What could it be!?'. The security also checked me twice on both flights.. Just to be sure I guess, because I definitely don't look like a criminal hihi ;)!

Cora and Greg: "we have a devoted friendship with Dian Biemans we wish her all the best during this pageant."

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