new photoart from Johan Henri Kause

new photoart from Johan Henri Kause van Casandradeco

Door: Casandradeco  12-09-2007
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New and never seend photoart
one after the other unique
Appropriate in each interieur
no list
easy to clean
You want something what has no one else to the wall
You want show the guests something what they have seen never rather you wants their attention

If you say yes please look at the work of the dutch artist Johan, henri Kause

You can see his works on his one site

For sale or questions please visited our site

CasandraDeco Welcome in te world of Joahn kause

Here you can find

a large collection of unique pieces, which, I can safely say, is unlike anything else in the market. So, if you are looking for unique and distinctive pieces for your home or office you have come to the right place.

Each work is original and created by Joop with great care and emotion.

That there no second copy of the works in circulation are and/or in circulation brought/will become. The purchased work is unique and can nowhere else bought on the world/or be obtained, then at casandradeco.

The Cushion do not apply to this regulation these designs will be sold in a limited edition of 10 prints

Who is Johan Henri Kause

Johan Henri (Joop) Kause was born in Amsterdam the Netherlands in 1955. His childhood years were marked by severe dyslexia resulting in considerable educational and social difficulties. When he was in his thirties, Joop also lost around 80% of his eyesight and was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, the 'invisible' disability which is closely related to autism. Perhaps as compensation, Joop developed an outstanding memory and, being someone with great enthusiasm for self-education and possessing a high degree of self-motivation, he taught himself the ins and outs of digital photo editing software with astonishing results. Today, Joop puts his heart and soul into transforming his own and other people's photography into pure works of art.

Joop's extraordinary pieces grow from feelings of love, anger, hurt, happiness or confusion and through his work he very successfully finds a way to express and translate his often complex emotions into something stunningly beautiful. His remarkable talent, intense motivation and exemplary confidence in his own abilities have helped him to create the unique and often very moving pieces we present to you here.

Greetings Casandradeco

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