New available Creative Writing Techniques Course

New available Creative Writing Techniques Course van Creascriptum

Door: Creascriptum  03-06-2014
Trefwoorden: writing techniques

Creative writing is not an elusive form of magic that only certain privileged people are born with. Talent is a perfectly learnable skill that anyone can acquire, if given the right toolkit. The Module I Creative Writing Techniques encloses not only the complete palette of instruments you'll need to take your writing to the next level, but the guided steps of their implementation towards new and challenging creative results. Order your Creative Writing Techniques manual (ISBN: 978-94-92064-01-1) now on the Creascriptum Homepage.

Trefwoorden: writing techniques

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Creative Writing Introductory Course

Take the first step towards learning the craft of bestselling authors with the Creative Writing Introductory Course (ISBN: 978-94-92064-00-4) Only 19,95€ now on the Creascriptum Homepage.