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Compressed Air Foam systems van Siron Fire Protection

Door: Siron Fire Protection  26-01-2016
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Compressed Air Foam (CAF) is generated by the combination of compressed air, water and foam. It uses four times less water and up to six times less foam concentrate compared to foam-water systems. Usually a high risk FM approved installation needs 600L-900L (60-90cm) of water per m² (based on 60 min.) and 6.8 liters of foam (based on 3% 15min.). The waste water to be collected, has of course the same amount of liters. Our CAF is FM approved with approximately 25L (2,5cm) of water (based on 10 min.) and 1.5 liters of foam (based on 6% 10 min.) per m². More important, a standard deluge system is an "exposure protection" and Compressed Air Foam is an extinguishing protection. A crucial difference. CAF systems also significantly reduce infrastructural requirements: - Water Supply - Compressed Air Foam can eliminate or reduce the size of water supply tanks & fire pumps. Drainage and Containment CAF can eliminate or reduce the size of drainage and containment systems including spill tanks and oil separators. Disposal Costs The serious reduction in foam and water required for CAF systems reduces the costs associated to clean-up and disposal of foam during discharge testing or after a fire. Additional advantages of CAF systems - The performance in extinguishing is better, - The burn back resistance is considerably longer. See the Transformer full fire test: Short movies of other European FM approved and CE certified projects: For further information please visit our CAF website:

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