Innova Aviation Consulting LLC joins forces with NACO and Delcan to provide integrated business and

Door: Dhv  09-11-2006
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Innova Aviation Consulting LLC announced today the conclusion of an agreement with NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V. and the Delcan Corporation to join forces to provide integrated business and infrastructure planning services to airports, airlines and the aviation industry. The agreement provides a strategic investment in Innova that will facilitate the expansion of its capabilities and geographic scope, in concert with new business development initiatives by NACO and Delcan.

The agreement also brings Innova into the family of companies affiliated with the DHV Group, one of the leading international consultancy and engineering firms with more than 4,000 professionals and a worldwide network. DHV is active in the fields of transportation, airports, building and manufacturing, water, spatial planning and environment (

NACO has been at the forefront of airport development and design since its inception in 1949. NACO provides state-of-the-art services to all aspects of airport development and has worked for more than 500 airports worldwide. NACO’s solutions are innovative, functional, effective, sustainable, customer-friendly and culture-sensitive. NACO is since 2003 part of the DHV Group (

Delcan is an award winning, multi-disciplinary engineering, management and technology consulting firm that provides a full range of integrated systems and infrastructure solutions in the transportation, information technology and water sectors. Since its beginning in 1953, Delcan has established a strong presence throughout North American as well as globally by serving clients in more than 70 countries. DHV Group became a strategic investor and partner with Delcan in 2002 (

“NACO and Delcan will bring expanded capabilities to Innova as we extend our legacy of success with new energy and vision” said James F. Miller, President and CEO of Innova Aviation Consulting LLC. “Innova’s key staff bring more than 30 years of success at the forefront of airline competition, airport development and air travel growth. Joining forces with NACO, Delcan and DHV will open a new and exciting chapter in our work for airports, airlines and the air travel industry,” Miller said.

“This partnership brings an excellent opportunity to further expand our business” said Gilles L. Hondius, Chairman of NACO. “In the past year Innova and NACO’s joint work on aviation projects have shown the strength of our combined capabilities, forming a sound and inspiring basis for our shared future”.

Delcan’s Chairman and CEO, Jim Kerr, indicated that “our strategic partnership with Innova and its airport/aviation focus provides synergy for both firms. Delcan sees significant opportunities to expand our business in information technology, intelligent transportation systems, program management of large construction initiatives as well as quality management oversight services. We are excited about this new partnership and the additional value it brings not only to our collective client base, but to the transportation industry in general.”

Innova’s approach to its work is based on strategies, programs and initiatives that are grounded in market understanding. Innova supports its clients in ways that are essential to their success. Innova provides a broad range of strategic and tactical support to the aviation community, including: market analysis; strategic planning; business planning, commercial development evaluation, customer service planning, airport/airline relations, air service development, air cargo development, infrastructure and services pricing, traffic demand forecasting, financial analysis, privatization support, aero-political affairs, aviation regulatory affairs, airline labor relations, route/network analysis, and productivity analysis.

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