AutoSave Reports Module.

Door: Fox Executive Resources  23-05-2008

As the leader in automation change management solutions, MDT Software develops innovative products to solve your business challenges. The AutoSave Reports Module represents MDT's latest solution for managing your devices even more effectively.  The AutoSave Reports Module further enhances the reporting capability of AutoSave by allowing you to generate over 70 unique reports from the historical data stored in AutoSave's database.

The AutoSave Reports Module will allow you to:

1.    Filter your data so you can access the specific information you need. Search historical data by date range, specific area, program, client, agent, bridge, wire, device, family, class, user, compare group and more. 

2.    Automatically receive reports when you need them. Reports can be run on a specified schedule or manually as needed. Scheduled reports also automatically generate a PDF version for audit compliance.

3.    Receive detailed information that will help you identify problem areas and improve processes. Quickly view important program statistics for an area or the entire system.

4.    Validate your quality assurance processes. Create audit reports that help validate that quality control processes are in place and are being followed.

5.    Identify areas within your system that are at risk. Reports reveal issues such as scheduled comparison differences and programs that are not in a scheduled comparison group so they can be resolved quickly.

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