Logistics Trader welcomes its 300th user

Door: Logistics Trader  08-02-2012
Trefwoorden: Transport, Logistics

Utrecht, The Netherlands, January 17, 2012.

The website welcomes today Global Logistics Freight Solutions Ltd as its 300th user.

The newly launched website is intended for those searching for a transporter and reasonable prices. The online platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Transporters can be filtered according to the location and specialisation; therefore customers can find a suitable transporter quickly and can request (or invite) them to place a bid on their online load add. For the ease of the customer and the transporter, Logistics Trader has created a simple and secure one step checkout system. The accepted bid can be paid through paypal, credit card or bank wire. Once the transporter is notified that the wire has been received by Logistics Trader the transport will start. As soon as the transport is realized and completed as agreed with the customer, the transporter gets the credit invoice wired the next day. This is the only proven way to ensure complete satisfaction for customer and transporter.

Transporters of logisticstrader.com can find the latest loads on Facebook (logisticstrader) and on Twitter (logisticstrader).

Trefwoorden: Logistics, Transport