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Door: Logistics Trader  08-02-2012
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Are you surprised why shipping costs so much?

Logistics Trader is a straight forward “cargo marketplace” in which people and companies who need to ship loads, and carriers/transport companies who can ship your load for you, can come together, exchange messages, place a bid and make arrangements to set up your shipment. This system allows carriers to bid on your load, resulting in a lower price and less pollution than traditional shipping methods.

The site serves both sides, Carriers and Users do find each other on our platform.

Logistics trader launched in November 2011 and since this time has been a platform for users and carriers to communicate and get loads shipped! Our mission is to bring transparency to the customer and more projects to the carrier. Do you need a shipment to Iraq? Shipping to Afghanistan? or shipping to Nigeria, it does not matter where you want shipping to, our registered carriers are internationally located, all you have to do is post your load and wait for a reply in a bid.

How do we help Customers?

If you’ve got a load to ship, does not matter what, goods like furniture, household collections, recreational vehicles, or strangely shaped objects, you probably don’t want to pay thousands to a big shipping company. Instead, you can post a picture of your load on our platform and wait till you receive a bid from a registered carrier that has reviews from previous customers.

Perhaps there’s a carrier already heading to your destination who wants to make some extra money and can help you out? Perhaps there’s a small transporting company close by that would love to be at your service? Perhaps there’s an open truck somewhat sitting idle? logistics trader helps utilize these resources to bring you cheaper shipping options.

How do we help Carriers?

If you’re a carrier or shipping services as a profession, With logistics trader, you can connect with these Shippers and negotiate a good price for all parties. Don’t let your transportation services and resources go to waste when they could be of benefit.

Logistics trader provides you with a steady stream of cargo that needs your help getting from one place to another.


If you are new to logistics trader, then welcome! You’ve arrived at the best destination for bringing customers and carriers together in order to transport all kinds of things – from household items, cargo, truck, airplanes to furniture, fragile artwork, and even full-size automobiles!


Our services include: Auto shipping , cargo shipping, animals shipping, moving, car transport, online cargo auction, freight shipping, boat shipping. oversized item shipping, furniture shipping, Only thing we don’t ship are humans, all other tasks are welcome!

When do you use Logistics Trader

When you have a shipment to the Middle East for example and the language is an obstacle, or currency or payment transaction, then you simply post your load on our platform, wait for a bid from our reviewed carriers, pay online in EUR or USD and that is it. Once it gets delivered as promised the carrier get your deposit.

When you have a shipment to Africa, why bother looking for one yourself, just post your load on our platform wait for a bid and you’re good to go. If the carrier decides not to commit to your task, you simply get your deposit back and the carrier will get a bad review.

Shipping from Asia is popular, but do you speak Chinese? Or their language? What is easier to understand than a picture of your load? Seeing your load picture makes the carrier understand what it is that needs to be shipped. Your accurate description will be translated on our platform and he/she is good to place a bid.

This is how it gets done with Logistics Trader.

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