BERG Toys Kick 360, designed by WeLL Design

BERG Toys Kick 360, designed by WeLL Design van WeLL Design

Door: WeLL Design  06-04-2011
Trefwoorden: Sustainability, Product Design, Product Development


WeLL Design developed the Kick360 scooter in close corporation with BERG Toys. The distinctive design with the extended board, the stunt deck, adds extra play fun. The stunt deck makes it possible to perform skate stunts such as the Wheely or the Kick360. The graphics and logo design were also done by WeLL Design.


Scooter or skate board?

The BERG Kick360 offers it both! The Kick360 has been developed along with skaters and BMX-ers. The result is a unique scooter with a special board, that even allows you to skate a half pipe!
The large eight inch wheels make riding the Kick360 go fast and smooth. The scooter can be easily folded.

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