PowerMILL 9 central issue at Dutch Delcam user meeting 2008

PowerMILL 9 central issue at Dutch Delcam user meeting 2008 van Bemet International

Door: Bemet International  29-12-2008

 First of all, the participants of the Delcam user meeting got a sight of all in-and-outs of PowerMILL 9 (CAM) and PowerSHAPE 8 (CAD). Next, the participants themselves got to work in PowerMILL 9. During the workshop they discovered a lot of useful functionalities in the new version.

Exchange of experiences
During the day the PowerMILL users had plenty of time for exchanging experiences with other users.
Richard Adams: “When we were looking for another CAD/CAM system, experiences of other PowerMILL users were very important to us. Their enthusiasm about the software and the satisfaction about the support were reasons for us to choose for PowerMILL. Since I work with PowerMILL, I think that the user meeting is a pre-eminently opportunity to discuss with other users.”

Extended milling strategies
Richard Adams of Gelre Rijn Tools is a manufacturing engineer at model maker Gelre Rijn Tools in Heteren (The Netherlands) where he works with PowerMILL. Richard Adams attended the Dutch Delcam user meeting at Bemet International in Veenendaal to enlarge his knowledge of the software. Richard continues: “We have been working with PowerMILL of Delcam since 2007. We are convinced that our first impression of the software was right. We are deeply impressed by all possibilities of this CAD and CAM system.” Richard Adams is particularly enthusiastic about the milling strategies of the software: “PowerMILL offers us tools that we need to machine parts on our new Hermle C40 U five axes milling machine.”

New in PowerMILL 9
PowerMILL 9 software will offer a more complete solution for complex machining operations. Important improvements in the new version are the renewed strategies for 2D machining, the wireframe modeller, the three and five axes milling strategies and the revised graphical user interface. This range of enhancements enables a reduction of human errors as well as faster and more accurate programming and machining.

More info about PowerMILL can be found at www.bemet.nl.