EUROMIND: Industry solutions for digital data exchange in the maritime sector

EUROMIND: Industry solutions for digital data exchange in the maritime sector van Koers & Vaart

Door: Koers & Vaart  20-02-2009
Trefwoorden: Ifc, Open Standards, Standardisation

With the help of representatives from the European shipbuilding industry, two major problem areas within the shipbuilding supply chain were identified: Design & Engineering and Procurement, for which some twenty already available standards were investigated in more detail with respect to their potential to be used as part of the reference standard. The result of this investigation has lead to the following selection of proposed standards to be used by the European shipbuilding industry:

• Use ETIM / [email protected], originating from the electrotechnical contractor industry, for the standardised descriptions of components and attributes. Concerted action is required to develop within this suitable ETIM / [email protected] structure a shipbuilding dictionary and to implement this dictionary starting with adding products relevant for use in the shipbuilding industry.

• Use IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), originating from the building and construction industry, as a standard for the exchange of drawing data (i.e. geometrical, graphical and parametrical data) and its meta-data (i.e. the ‘intelligence’ incorporated into a drawing) between different CAD systems.

• Use ISO 15926 as a standard for digital data integration as used in the offshore industry. The functional approach of ISO 15926 and the well developed classification structure offer good possibilities – especially for system integrators - for system engineering in different shipbuilding domains, like electrical and mechanical engineering.

EUROMIND also proposes to make use of the latest technology, including opportunities offered by the Semantic Web, as a flexible coordinating mechanism between the different standards in the neutral reference standard.

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