MINI to support the International Mini Meeting 2008

Door: Dutch Mini People  25-03-2008
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IMM originated 1978 in Germany when it started as a small 3 day camp event at Whitsun weekend. After several years its popularity had grown, even over the German borders and this resulted in an international event which takes place every year in a different country. Every 5 years the celebration of the Mini takes place in England around Minis birthday in August. An IMM is a 3 day event for young and old with a lot of activities including a Show and Shine competition, parts market, sprint, driver training and of course huge parties on Saturday and Sunday night. The IMM is all about socialising, meeting lots of other enthusiasts, relaxing and just having fun. MINI will support this years IMM with an exhibition of special classic and new Minis, "The other Disco" equipped with a DJ sound system, the Double-D bus and a donation to support the event. For more information visit the event website:

Trefwoorden: Evenement, Meeting, Mini, Pinksteren, Rdw

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