The Glass Polymer™ provides perfect fit for Puig Prestige Beauté’s perfume pocket spray

Door: Eastman Chemical Company  03-01-2006
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CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, THE NETHERLANDS - Puig Prestige Beauté needed to look no further than The Glass Polymer™ from Eastman Chemical to find the perfect material fit for completing the design of its “Pocket Spray” perfume container.

Developed by the multinational perfumery, cosmetics and fashion
company, Puig Prestige Beauté, “The Pocket Spray” holds such fragrances as XS Ligne, Paco Rabanne pour Homme, UltraViolet and Eau. The thin, flat and rectangular-shaped packaging can fit into a jacket pocket and comprises a container with a spray cap and two outer shells made from The Glass Polymer resin. The Glass Polymer resin-based shells are chromium plated on one side of the packaging and given a soft touch skin on the other half. Hot print decoration is used on the back shell to highlight the product name.

“For the outer shells we needed a material that would not only help us to achieve a high-quality look and finish to the Pocket Spray, but which would primarily offer the mechanical and chemical properties to facilitate production and deliver a functional end-product,” comments Xavier Leboucher, packaging development team
director, Puig Prestige Beauté.

“The Glass Polymer resin provided us with the perfect solution from both a design and processing standpoint. It was the only material we encountered able to survive the plating treatment and still achieve a metallic layer with a stretched, smooth finish.

Plus, thanks to the excellent decorative flexibility offered by The Glass Polymer
resin, we were able to use a variety of treatments, such as lacquering and hot print, to create the desired final result.”

As “The Pocket Spray” is intended for repeated use throughout the day, the
light-weight, high impact resistance of The Glass Polymer resin further added to its suitability for this application. By using The Glass Polymer, Puig Prestige Beauté was able to create a container robust enough to withstand regular use, but with a low weight and discreet format to make for an attractive carrying option.

Lisi Cosmetics (France), who produced the container for Puig Prestige Beauté, was able to take advantage of The Glass Polymer resin’s high elongation at break to snap-fit the shells each other with build-in elements, simplifying the assembly process and making it invisible and very cost-effective.

According to Lisi Cosmetics: “As an additional production benefit, The Glass Polymer resin are suitable for thin wall injection moulding over a substantial length, enabling us to achieve a smooth, fine finish and an overall elegant feel to the final container.”

About Puig Beauty & Fashion Group S.L.
Puig Beauty & Fashion Group S.L. is a multinational whose activity is based in the perfumery, cosmetics and fashion sectors. At present, products are distributed in over 150 countries via a network of 40 subsidiaries in 24 countries. The company employs more than 5,000 people, with 10 manufacturing centers for the production of perfumery and cosmetics, and three creative centers for fashion. In 2003, net sales totalled 893 million Euros.

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About Lisi Cosmetics
Part of the Lisi Group, Lisi Cosmetics provides assembly and packaging components for fragrances and cosmetics. The company employs more than 530 people across its four sites in France. Lisi Cosmetics specialises in injection moulding, stamping, assembly and surface treatment plastics and metals.

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