Insyde introduces!

Insyde introduces! van Insyde

Door: Insyde  29-01-2009
Trefwoorden: Website, Webdesign, Business is the easiest way to schedule events! Select a date, time and/or location and let others vote when and where the event suits them best.

Even though their core business is developing websites for customers, Insyde also maintains a few websites of its own. After the great success of a.o., Insyde recently launched is an easy tool that allows people to schedule events with multiple participants, such as a night out with friends, a family gathering or a business meeting, without the usual endless amount of phone calls.

The creator of the BusyBee selects a couple of dates and eventually adds one or several times and/or locations. After finishing he receives two e-mails: one containing a participants link, which he forwards to all participants using his own address list, and one containing an administrator link, which allows him to either edit or delete the BusyBee at all times.

By following the participant link all participants can make a personal selection of the suggested dates, suiting their own agendas, and add comments to the BusyBee. Saving the filled out BusyBee will automatically generate an e-mail notification to the creator of the BusyBee. BusyBee will keep count of the amount of votes per date, so when every participant has filled out the BusyBee it’s easy to decide what date is best to schedule the event.

You don’t need to register to create a BusyBee! For more information or for a try-out, go to! is available in English, Dutch and Spanish.

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