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Door: Paper The Underground The Hague  26-02-2012
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General info The Underground is a local, monthly, English paper for The Hague. The 1st issue was published in November 2011. The Underground is Simone Branson’s brainchild. She was born into a multicultural family with a Dutch mother and an English father. Both Dutch and English were spoken at home. Today she runs a successful graphic design business in The Hague where, together with a team of more than 40 volunteers, she produces and publishes The Underground. The paper is available throughout The Hague at more than 100 distribution points (including Wassenaar) including multi-national companies, local businesses and shops. What makes The Underground unique 1. Its dynamic content 2. Its very reasonable advertising rates Content The Underground is not an expat paper informing readers how best to settle in. The name (The Underground) and the logo (a mole) symbolize it goes deeper, digs below the surface and uncovers interesting, possibly lesser known, cultural, historic and social sides of The Hague. It is a community paper, written and read by locals, whether they are Dutch or non-Dutch. It is a paper for all Hagenezen! Each month the paper chooses a theme - a red thread - that runs through each issue. For instance, the upcoming theme for April is “Royal The Hague” and for May “Music and Festivals”. Our motto The Underground is a publication for the people of The Hague written by the people of The Hague. We want our readers and contributors to feel this connection and be able to say: “I am The Underground!” The Underground The Hague Advertising The Underground is a free paper. Its sole income is generated by advertising sales and paid advertorials. Simone recalled when starting up her graphic design business she was often unable to afford the costly advertising rates. She is determined advertising rates for The Underground will always remain competitive, enabling, especially small businesses to promote themselves. The rates of a Classified (for max. 170 characters) starts at € 10. Anyone should be able to afford that! Volunteers The Underground would not exist without its volunteers. We have over 40 volunteers, most of them permanent residents of The Hague, many with international backgrounds. • We have a pool of over 30 writers • professional photographers • graphic designers • marketing experts • communications experts • social media experts • sales experts • a team of editors and proof-readers Enjoy your work with us and don’t forget – “You are The Underground!” Simone Branson Harper The Underground . The Hague

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