Chiang Mai City Traffic Surveillance, Thailand

Chiang Mai City Traffic Surveillance, Thailand van Optelecom-nkf

Door: Optelecom-nkf  04-05-2007
Trefwoorden: Video, Surveillance, Codec

A Rapid Spanning Tree Ring (RSTP) network had to be built, spanning over 20Km of fiber optics. The network was built solely utilizing Optelecom-NKF’s field-hardened Gigabit switches coupled with high performance C-20 MPEG-2 video codecs. These were installed around the all important tourist attraction: the city centre. The harsh tropical environment in combination with fully closed non-air conditioned roadside boxes proved to be of no concern for the installed equipment, because of the high operating temperature specifications. All video streams return to one control centre for real time traffic surveillance.

Interfaced to fully pan, tilt and zoom controllable speed dome cameras at 25 fps, D1 resolution and DVD-quality, the outstanding reliability of this extremely high video quality was crucial in helping the local government get precise, accurate object identifications for both road traffic and street surveillance.

Optelecom-NKF completely designed and provided this robust Ethernet transmission system and MPEG-2 video management to the system integrator Patararungroj, their local partner in Thailand.

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