Optelecom-NKF Announces Complete Siqura® H.264 Surveillance Solution for Mission Critical Applicatio

Optelecom-NKF Announces Complete Siqura® H.264 Surveillance Solution for Mission Critical Applicatio van Optelecom-nkf

Door: Optelecom-nkf  09-07-2009
Trefwoorden: Camera, Networking, Encoder

H.264 is currently the superior video streaming standard, providing better video quality at a lower bit rate than any of the MPEG-2/4 standards before it. Requiring just 1/5th of the bandwidth used by MPEG-2, H.264 increases the possible number of video channels on an existing network while concurrently reducing storage requirements.

Focusing especially on reliability and durability, the Siqura engineering team optimized the design of the modules by using a dedicated hardware chip in the encoders — as a opposed to a highly demanding DSP — to get to the highest video quality with the lowest processing power requirements possible.

Additionally, Siqura’s H.264 codecs offer an optional fiber interface, which streamlines the implementation of H.264 on existing fiber networks by eliminating any additional investments in network components, such as media converters.

Both the S-60 E(-MSA), a triple-streaming encoder, and the C-60 E-MC, a field-hardened, quad-streaming encoder, are tailored to the needs of industrial and mission-critical applications.

Siqura also includes sensible software solutions, providing complete flexibility in video management and recording systems based on Open Streaming Architecture. Operator Storage v2.4.0, for example, offers a versatile i-NVR viewing client, available with the supplementary Siqura Videowall Decoder, which makes it possible to view up to 12 live or recorded video streams on a single, large-screen plasma or LCD monitor. i-NVR v5.2 is a high-performance networked video recorder, capable of recording and storing vast amounts of video footage.

For more information, please read our white paper: H.264: Enhancement or Hype? A white paper considering the ins and outs of this increasingly popular video streaming standard. Image material is available on request.

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