Optelecom-NKF Connects Dubai’s Intelligent Traffic System

Optelecom-NKF Connects Dubai’s Intelligent Traffic System van Optelecom-nkf

Door: Optelecom-nkf  09-07-2009
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GERMANTOWN, MD/July 9, 2009— Optelecom-NKF, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPTC), a leading global producer of advanced IP-video solutions, announced today its participation in the Freeway and Local Coordinated Operations Network (FALCON) project in conjunction with Scientechnic, a leading project engineering and system installation company based in Dubai.

The introduction of Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) technology in Dubai has been instrumental in significantly reducing accidents and increasing safety. The Middle East is expanding so rapidly that roads are congested almost as soon as they open up. The FALCON project is a massive state-of-the-art ITS project addressing the Emirate’s ever-increasing traffic volume while providing improved road safety. Optelecom-NKF is working with Scientechnic, the local system integrator in Dubai, to incorporate Siqura® IP switches into the FALCON ITS architecture to connect all IP-based data streams within the network.

Scientechnic’s Brijesh Moothat quotes, “The Siqura switches fit seamlessly into our entire project and the local support from Optelecom-NKF provided a key resource in designing this architecture. The XSNet 2800 SW switch was chosen due to its capability of performing in a high operating temperature. The Gulf countries, being one of the hottest places during summer, require all field equipment to endure an extended temperature range. XSNet switches have an operating temperature of up to 75° C, which make them suitable for operation in the Middle East.”

Siqura offers a broad range of products and solutions for the ITS market, all based on IP technology. The choice of IP in this type of project allows the system to manage and control multiple field devices (e.g., DMS, lane/speed controls, detectors, traffic signals, etc.). The system also must communicate in real-time with the existing arterial signal system and other management systems such as the police, drawbridges, tunnels, and many others. IP technology from Siqura allows for this real-time integration and also enables intelligent software to be integration.

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