Optelecom-NKF Introduces Breakthrough in IP Video for ITS Market

Optelecom-NKF Introduces Breakthrough in IP Video for ITS Market van Optelecom-nkf

Door: Optelecom-nkf  23-10-2007
Trefwoorden: Ip-video, Mpeg-4, Video Codec,

The C-44 delivers DVD-quality video performance at both high and low bit rates with Optelecom-NKF’s MPEG-4 compression algorithm. The C-44 is capable of compressing up to four video channels over IP using MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG, and features an enclosure less than eight inches in length that can withstand operating temperatures ranging from –40° to +74° Celsius.

The C-44 E encoder is built with four digital signal processors (DSP) — one per analog video input. Each DSP is capable of running two MPEG-4 encoders as well as an M-JPEG encoder. Applications include high-quality MPEG-4 for live viewing, reduced frame rate MPEG-4 for time-lapse recording, and JPEG image capture for web applications or remote devices such as PDAs.

“By integrating four independent decoders in a single-slot enclosure, the C-44 provides one of the industry’s smallest, most compact solutions, enabling our customers to get the maximum functionality out of cabinets, in the face of limited rack space at street intersections and along freeways,” said marketing director Ethan Maxon.

“One of the primary reasons for the acquisition of NKF in early 2005 was to bring together state-of-the-art video over IP solutions to a comprehensive fiber product line,” added Edmund Ludwig, Optelecom-NKF’s president and CEO. “The combined company, Optelecom-NKF, Inc., now offers the transportation industry both product sets designed to offer maximum functionality in an extremely small, temperature-hardened package.”

Trefwoorden: Ip-video, Mpeg-4, Video Codec,