3 Simple Steps Toward Better Health

3 Simple Steps Toward Better Health van Joyful Heart Health

Door: Joyful Heart Health  10-10-2011
Trefwoorden: Education, Fitness, alternative medicine

Are you paying twice for a good meal? Have you ever felt sleepy after that big lunch? Is your after-dinner mint an antacid? Perhaps you’ve felt that “stuffed” feeling after a meal, or a rumbly stomach some hours later? · You may be throwing away good food by putting it in your body. · Why Mum was really right when she said to chew your food up before swallowing. · What digestion is & why you need it. · How getting your nutrients from food is like a game of Connect 4. Education is a great way to help you discover how herbs can help you & others. If you are new to Nature's Sunshine, or already a member through Joyful Heart Health, contact me today to schedule this class!

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