A Lips Christmas

Door: Gamereaction  10-02-2009
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I bought Lips on release day, finally I thought, a game which can get my girlfriend interested in the xbox a little more and make it seem a little less like it is something just for me. Now, in this task it has succeeded, its a really enjoyable game and I even find myself having fun as she beats me continuously at every song that we have available (I did beat her once at a rap song but she looked away and didn't see the score... so she claims).

One other reason why I thought this would be a good game to have was the advertised ability to download extra songs for the game and continually add new life to the game in this way, sounded like a great prospect. So far there have been 18 songs available for download, which doesn't sound too bad for a game just out around a month or so, in fact from the 18 songs I have actually downloaded 3 songs and am always looking for new releases, which seem to come quite steadily and at around 160 ms points a pop they are a steal.

The problem then? Well, from those 18 songs currently there are 10 christmas songs, now I enjoy christmas as much as the next guy and sure it is that time of the year, but really, is this where a new game should be spending all of its time when it is looking to spark sales? The other 8 songs are quite a range of music, some I like and some I don't but definately something for almost anyone, but the christmas songs really get to me.

I am currently living in Holland which is not my birthplace and I expected to be offered a few songs in Dutch which I wouldn't want, also waiting to see the first song which isn't English at least. So I guess there is some good coming from the developers focus on christmas.

Anyway, if you are looking for a singing game then this is definately a great game, don't get me wrong, just wanted to have a little whine about all those damn christmas songs, maybe it has got something to do with having to go to church to listen to christmas songs today and the requirement of my girlfriend that I erect the christmas tree today, but hey... we have enough christmas songs!

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that it is not only Christmas songs, there is also a Hanukkah song in the mix, sorry :P.

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