SOLARNOR , production and sales of PV modules and Plastic Solar Collectors and Systems.

Door: Solara  21-10-2008

SOLARNOR supplies components and complete systems for energy , spaceheating for buildings and heating drinkwater systems; We cover the bigger projects and Utility Buildings.
Production and Sales is concentrated in The Netherlands with connections to the major areas in Western Europe and Greater China in collaboration with Tsinghua Solar Systems. SOLARNOR provides PV panels as well as the unique certified plastic solar collectors and solar boilers. The installation of the modular solar systems is done by our selected local building construction companies. We have a close workmanship and scientific collaboration with Asahi Plastics , TNO and ECN on the solar and plastics technologie and modular building techniques.
For further information, please have a look to our websites, WWW.SOLARNOR.NL .