Door: InterDam  02-10-2008
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After successful fire testing of the IDM ProPanel external walls and IDM hinged and sliding doors InterDam an now confirm successful blast testing as well.

Based in the Netherlands, InterDam offers fire- and blast walls- and doors for offshore / onshore applications up to the clients' requirements. 

InterDam has the ability to reply to market queries in a flexible way. InterDam provides products, standard and customized, in the field of:
• Blast and fire resistant doors
• Blast and fire resistant walls
• Cladding systems, weather tight and/or blast relief other related products
• Other related products, such as acoustic enclosures and fire dampers

With the knowledge acquired during the blast tests, InterDam is in a position to respond to any level of blast resistance required for walls and doors in combination with fire ratings from A60 to H120.
On request a checklist is available that assists designers to generate the most efficient solution for walls and doors. InterDam also organizes the appropriate verification and certification of this solution.

With the assistance of InterDam it is possible to find the optimal balance between engineered solutions and standardized products.

InterDam rovides spare parts for maintenance on on- and offshore fire- and blast doors. Many of the spare parts, such as top track rails, support rollers, break bolts, or hanging brackets and bolts were originally supplied by NorDam and DAMPLAAT. Staff of NorDam and DAMPLAAT are now working under the name of our current company, InterDam.

Blast relief Walls and Hatches
InterDam lso provides blast relief walls and blast relief hatches
Blast relief walls and blast relief hatches are often fixed with break bolts. A break bolt is a fastener that breaks when subjected to a pre- determined load.
More reliable fixings for this kind of walls are those that collapse by bending open; that is at the load whereby the yield point is reached. IDM offers both types of fixing methods.

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