Financial Business Process Outsourcing from the Netherlands to South Africa

Door: Budgetboekers  30-08-2006
Trefwoorden: Financial, Accountancy, Business Process Outsourcing

What large corporations and companies in other countries have been doing for over a decade now, finally comes within reach of Dutch SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises): Reducing operational costs and improving accuracy by carrying out administrative business processes in lower-wage countries. BudgetBoekers ( connects its resources in South Africa to clients in The Netherlands, bringing economic advantages to both.

In October 2006 BudgetBoekers will launch its first offshore processing service designed for SMEs and administrative/accountancy firms in The Netherlands. Clients are offered to outsource the labour intensive task of processing purchasing invoices, sales invoices and bank statements into the company’s business administration to BudgetBoekers. Transaction documents are processed digitally in the administrative centre in South Africa. Quality control by BudgetBoekers bookkeepers in The Netherlands assures accurate and high quality delivery.

SMEs can use the service as a replacement for their internal bookkeeper or external bookkeeping firm, reducing costs with at least 50% while maintaining or even improving accuracy. Administrative- and Accountancy firms can use the service as a fully integrated financial back office: Operational costs are reduced and the freed capacity can be used for higher margin activities (e.g. consultancy, yearly activities, et cetera). Secondary advantages are the “fixed per transaction fees” that BudgetBoekers charges and the digital archive (online accessible) that is created for all processed transaction documents.

BudgetBoekers launches its services in October 2006. Currently the systems and business processes are being tested and optimised. Please contact Mr. T. Paymans on +31 6 430 578 11 or at [email protected] for additional information.


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