air dried ginger

air dried ginger van Rida Trade Netherlands b.v.

Door: Rida Trade Netherlands b.v.  27-03-2011
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Ginger is beige and sometimes called root-ginger, this to distinguish it from the plant which shares the same name. Ginger is a native Asian vegetable. Fresh ginger is available in two forms: young and mature. The young root is called spring ginger, has a thinner skin, milder flavour and is more tender than the mature one. Also they both look totally different.

Variety: washed ginger and air-dry ginger
Supply period: All the year round.
Sizes: 100-150g, 150-250g, 250g and up.

Packing: Carton, calcium plastic carton, mesh bag.
10kg/carton, 10kg/plastic box, 30lbs/plastic box, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag.

23.5MT-25/40' reefer high container. Packing:10kg/calcium and plastic carton.
23.5MT/40' reefer high container. Packing:20kg/carton with inner plastic bag.

Trefwoorden: disposable cups, disposable products, vegetables

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