TCG Banking Regulatory Solution to be released on August 1, 2007

TCG Banking Regulatory Solution to be released on August 1, 2007 van Tcg Netherlands

Door: Tcg Netherlands  20-07-2007

Product Name
TCG Banking Regulatory Solution 1.0

Product Release Date
The scheduled release date for the TCG Banking Regulatory Solution 1.0 is August 1, 2007.

The TCG Banking Regulatory Solution 1.0 is built on and supports state of the art Microsoft components, tools and applications. To develop some of its solutions, TCG has chosen the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for its robustness, flexibility and ease of application. Furthermore, the TCG development team uses core Microsoft advanced tooling, such as MSSQL Server and SQL Reporting Services for streamlining its development processes.

The TCG Banking Regulatory Solution is supported by the following Microsoft operating systems:

• Windows 2000
• Windows XP
• Windows Vista

The TCG Banking Regulatory Solution supported by the following Microsoft Database platforms:

• MSSQL Server 2000
• MSSQL Server 2005

Product Description
The Communication Group (TCG) is proud to announce the launch of their automated Bank Regulatory Reporting solution for the Slovak market.

The TCG Banking Regulatory Solution provides financial institutions (Banks, Branch of Foreign Banks, Securities Dealers and Branch of Foreign Securities Dealers) with a state of the art data model which gathers and brings together all the required data elements from core banking systems for producing National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) Banking Regulatory Reports.

With the gathered data the TCG Banking Regulatory Solution gives the user extensive options to do data validations and or analyses before proceeding to the automated Regulatory Report Generation and Allocation processes. Subsequently the system also provides a direct link to Status (NBS Regulatory Reporting delivery tool).

The automated TCG Banking Regulatory Solution will streamline your Banking Regulatory process and make it more efficient by:

• Shortening data analysis time;
• Shortening delivery time (end to end regulatory reporting process);
• Creating consistency between reports;
• Creating consistency between reporting periods.

The data model and automated TCG Banking Regulatory Reporting Solution was strictly designed within the NBS compliancy framework. However, the current setup still provides enough flexibility to deal with customized client requirements such as additional/audit functionalities and or customized reports (head office or reconciliation reports).

The Communications Group s.r.o. (TCG) is a Czech limited company, founded in 1996. We are specializing in creation, development, deployment and maintenance of banking software applications. Our clients are mainly international banks worldwide, who find it reassuring to work with a company that not only has extensive banking knowledge in-house but is also capable of translating requirements into practical solutions. Most of our solutions are built on Microsoft’s products platform, but other platforms are also supported.

Should you have any questions regarding our TCG Banking Regulatory Solution please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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