Corporate Social Responsibility

Door: Healthy Chocolate  30-07-2009
Trefwoorden: Biologisch Organic Anti-oxidant Glutenvrij Chocolade Diabetici

Corporate Social Responsibility It is the policy of MXI Corp to make sure that our contribution to the planet is positive in our interactions with other cultures and people as well as leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible. Below are some actions we have taken to move towards this goal. Ingredient Practices Cacao 100% ethically traded Purchased from Ivory Coast Cold-pressed to protect antioxidants Obtained from small, family-owned and operated farms No human exploitation Farmers provided with fair wages and humane working conditions No pesticides used in the harvesting of our cacao beans Sustainable forest farmland growth Açaí 100% ethically traded Purchased from co-operative farms Harvested by local communities from wild, uncultivated area and protected by the rainforest canopy Sustainable harvesting practices Slowing down the clear cutting of the Amazon jungle Freeze-dried to protect the antioxidants Packaging Materials Renewable or “green” resources Certified by the three major environmental oversight organizations (Triple Certification): Forest Stewardship Council Sustainable Forest Initiative Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes Future Xoçai™ packaging will carry these environmental endorsement certifications from each applicable organization. Go Green!!! MXI Business Practices No harmful ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMO) or ingredients Create awareness for our ethically-conscious customers and distributors long-term vision Products certified by Brunswick Labs Employee profit sharing program Network Marketing not Retail

Trefwoorden: Biologisch Organic Anti-oxidant Glutenvrij Chocolade Diabetici

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