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Why Is Xocai so different from other chocolate?

Its all in the processing. All Xocai products contain unprocessed cocoa and Acai berry. Unprocessed cocoa has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any commonly consumed food . . . and the Acai berry follows right behind at number two.  Our patented process allows the rich nutrients and antioxidants (otherwise known as flavonols) in these powerful super-foods to remain undamaged.

You may have read where nutritionists say to try and eat the dark leafy greens & vegetables or maybe you've heard that it's better to drink the red wine instead of the white wine.

Well, it doesn't get any darker than chocolate!

Flavanols, however, are very sensitive to high heat. The result with conventional heat-processed chocolate products is that the majority of the flavanol content is destroyed.

The typical processing of cocoa is called the Dutching Process. This includes fermentation of the beans as well as roasting, alkalizing, and lecithinizing. This is done to make the chocolate taste milder.

The result is that a majority of the beneficial antioxidant content of the cocoa is lost. That is why the company doesn't do ANY roasting, alkalizing or lecithinizing to produce Xocai products (But they still tastes GREAT!).

In addition, Xocai™ chocolate contains none of the simple processed sugar, nor any of the wax, saturated fats, caffeine, fillers, food colorings or preservatives typically added to commercial chocolate.

Even chocolates that claim a 70% and higher cocoa content can't compare to Xocai . . . because they contain PROCESSED cocoa. That means that the antioxidant benefit has been enormously reduced!

Most other store-bought chocolate advertised as "Healthy" is actually heat processed, destroying 75% - 80% of the vital nutrients.

Do a little home-work and find out why gram for gram Xocai™ chocolate offers better value for money.

In my personal opinion most parents would be better off replacing chocolate (as in confectionary) which is full of sugar, fats and other additives with Xocai chocolate for their children.

Read all the articles in the press and science journals to see what the experts say in the Media Section (next) and make you own mind up.

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