Petro Canada selects eVision’s electronic logbook system

Petro Canada selects eVision’s electronic logbook system van Evision Industry Software

Door: Evision Industry Software  10-07-2009

Today, Petro Canada has signed a contract with eVision Industry Software to implement ShiftVision.

This is an advanced electronic logbook system, for streamlining shift changeover. The digital logbook system is setup for streamlining the entire communication process.

Petro Canada realizes the importance of making the right decision at the right time, especially in the offshore industry this is utterly essential; lives of workers depend on it. Knowing what is happening and what has happened is therefore mandatory to ensure safety and increase proper decision-making.

One of Petro Canada’s answers to this challenge is the easy-to-use solution Shift Vision developed by eVision, Shift Vision is a software system for keeping track via an electronic record of what happens during a shift. ShiftVision streamlines the communication process and is ideally suited for shift changeovers. The Operator Logbook increases effectiveness as workers and management are easily informed of what is happening. The generated reports can be tailored for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly overview. These reports ensure a smooth shift transition, workers and management coming in after periods of absence are quickly and easily informed of past and current events thereby increasing the effectiveness of a plant or location. Shift Vision provides operations staff with a shared source of information. All staff can extract and contribute information to the system. This information is readily accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
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eVision Industry Software, , is an international software, consultancy and design company based in The Netherlands. eVision is the leader in innovative operational safety software systems for the global E&P industry. eVision has a proven track record for delivering operational and safety software systems, increasing site safety and overall efficiency for the E&P and petrochemical industry. The 2009 Permit-To-Work software systems developed by eVision set a new standard with the industry by complying with the latest safety protocols, integrating with Isolation management, dangerous goods management and task risk assessment while providing a user-friendly software solution.

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