Adserving Technologies for Advertisers and Publishers

Door: DQ&A Media Group  29-09-2011
Trefwoorden: Publisher, online marketing consultancy, advertiser

 For advertisers: We are committed to error-free trafficking so you can be sure your ads will be properly formatted, verified and go live on time – every time.

What we do:
Use the best ad servers available
Operate in numerous countries with multi-lingual staff
Streamline your workflow

How we do it:
By listening to your requirements we help you select the most appropriate solution to get your ads online.  We traffic your ads with minimum fuss and maximum reliability.  

What this means for you:
Competitive pricing
Expert staff

For publishers: With more than 10 years experience in Display Engine Marketing, partnerships with leading technology providers, in-house trafficking veterans with unmatched skills and commitment to error-free trafficking, you can be sure your advertisers ads will be served to the right users at the right time, in the right format and right place.  

What we do
We offer scalable ad serving solutions to help publishers improve yield and maximize profit potential. 
We upload and traffic ads
Monitor campaigns and report on progress
Inventory Forecasting

How we do it
DQ&A combines technology from leading players in the digital marketing field with experienced colleagues and bespoke solutions to give the customer high quality service with maximum returns on investment.   

What this means for you
As a publisher you will continue to attract a new pool of advertisers and efficiently run a profitable business with full control over your site. 

On time, error-free deliverability
Seamless implementation
Better planning with solid inventory forecasting
Operational excellence through active campaign monitoring

Trefwoorden: advertiser, online marketing consultancy, Publisher,

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