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Door: DQ&A Media Group  29-09-2011
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Why mobile?  No other medium has the capacity to engage users as much as the mobile phone. The technological advances seen in today’s smart phones and the advent of mobile broadband have given us the infrastructure to build complex animations, video and interactions for the advertising industry. 

What we do

Rich Media

Rich media technology can bring your display ads to life, allowing dynamic customization leading to an exceptional user experience and engagement metrics that will leave you a rich media convert. We have a team of seasoned campaign managers with extensive rich media skills ready to provide you with an innovative solution to help drive your campaign performance.  With our customer orientated solutions and seamless collaboration service, we will help you execute effective campaigns with enhanced and dynamic rich media capabilities that will spur interaction and drive valuable traffic to your website. 


Online video advertising is an increasingly effective way of conveying your message to your audience.  This message will lead to greater response, awareness, engagement and purchase intent over standard online advertising. 

In-stream video
In-banner video
In-text video Linear and non-linear video
Rich media
Online video consulting
Online video outsourcing
DoubleClick Rich Media and Video

How we do it

Using state of the art technology combined with extensive knowledge in video and campaign management, we help our clients effectively and efficiently manage, distribute, and measure the impact of online videos.  We help transform standard videos into rich media campaigns for all the leading ad servers.  We have strategic partnerships in place and combine this with our result-orientated, customer focused approach to help you acquire the greatest return on your online investment.  We can arrange video player customization, technology integration and training so that any internal technical limitations needn’t hold you and your imagination back. Video options at our disposal include full screen HD video, in-banner video, interactive video and video downloads. 

What this means for you

With a focus on the performance of each video or rich media campaign, you will see dramatic results in terms of customer engagement and eventual conversions from your campaigns.  

Trefwoorden: advertiser, mobile advertisement, Publisher,

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